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“Villa Kmicic” is located just 100 meters from the main street of the city. It is adjacent to the city park area and tennis courts. Despite being located in the very center of Zakopane, our Villa provides its customers peace and silence. That’s because the object is located in the second row of buildings, therefore not on a busy street Grunwald. To the Villa are leading brightly lighted in the evening roads. "Kmicic" is surrounded by a huge garden, perfect for playing with children. The trees surrounding the property nicely isolate it from the hustle and bustle coming from the city. On the ground floor of "Kmicic" you can find a café with a terrace where you can keep tracking players on the courts or your children playing in the park. In winter you can enjoy ice-skating rink, which is located in the close neighborhood. Customers arriving by car may take advantage of a convenient parking.


„Villa Kmicic” has an interesting history and its place even in pop culture. In the 30’s of the twentieth century the guesthouse has been already standing here. Thirty years later, the ground floor was adapted for café in orbitowska style, which back then it became a cult spot on the map of Zakopane. You could have met here great artists such as Wladyslaw Hasior or Andrew Kilar, frequented holidaymakers or just an ordinary mountaineers. There has been a piano here so excited crowd of guests often used to dance and sing.

The popularity of this place has been proven in the text of a song "With hoofs sleigh breaks" created by music band Skaldowie. The song was created in 1968. In the third verse Zielińscy brothers were singing:

„ (...)Rushing, rushing sleigh ride like lightning,
Hey, kidnapped the bride straight from Kmicic (...)”

Lyrics immortalized aforementioned café. And even though it no longer exists, we would like to continue the great tradition in the newly built "Kmicic". Therefore, in an elegant room on the ground floor still stands a piano... We also hope that the magic associated with this location will help us create the equally unusual place.

We are waiting for you!