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On the ground floor of “Villa Kmicic” you can find an elegant café with an area of 132 m2. It is open every day from 9.00 am to 21.00. You can have there a cup of aromatic coffee, warm up with a cup of popular in mountain area tea or relax with a refreshing drink. We also serve a sweet pastries and hot sandwiches.

Café "Kmicic" is the perfect place for an after-dinner relaxation, but also good place for social meetings. Families with children will be able to experience here a pleasant feeling of home, which offers also a safe play area. The café opens onto a beautiful garden.

By creating this place we wanted to refer to the tradition in orbisowski style which decades ago was a very popular place or you could even say place of a cult. Inhabitants of Zakopane and many other newcomers were willingly used to sit in the former "Kmicic" to enjoy sounds of the piano or to play bridge. It was also the place from where heros of the song entitled "With hoofs sleigh breaks" (by music band “Skaldowie”) were kidnapping the brides.

We hope that you will find here an unique atmosphere and you will happily sign up for a list of our regulars.

Feel welcome!